About Me

My name is James Nicholls, I am a 22 year old Illustrator and concept artist, currently residing in Bracknell, Berkshire.

I’ve been drawing as a hobby since a young age, usually just scribbling aeroplanes and anything else that interested me the most at that time. However by the early 2000’s I took a new turn at drawing after gaining inspiration from science fiction concept art, mainly from my two favourite franchises; Star Wars and Homeworld. But it wasn’t until 2009 that I fully wanted to become a concept artist when I started to draw characters, vehicles and scenery from a story I had just created in my mind. Since then my drawing techniques have altered considerably as I continue to grow my knowledge on new media as well as new themes and points of interest.

I have done past client work and competitions for companies including:

Mjlonir Software (Sketch Concept Artist)
Anglepoise (Official Competition)
Blackbird Interactive/Gearbox Software (Artwork by developer request)


My skills include:

  • Traditional drawing and painting techniques
  • Thorough knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Premier Pro
  • Digital painting and manipulation
  • Screen printing
  • Typography
  • Photography



What I use:

  • 22″ Wacom Cintiq for digital painting
  • Graphic Markers and fine liners for technical drawings
  • A Canon SLI camera
  • The usual trusty items such as pens, pencils and an eraser for all the other bits!




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