Professional Projects

School Crest Re-design

In 2016 I was given the task of updating the crest of a primary catholic school not far from my hometown. The headteacher at the time recognised my artwork and asked if I was able to take on a more modern look of their old crest design. Naturally I agreed to the brief she had laid out for me and I soon came up with four different proposals. The headteacher then forwarded the proposals to the school’s trustees and they ultimately agreed that the design shown below would be the new crest.

Logo 1

Homeworld Screen Print Posters

This is the end result of my Haynes Manual inspired Homeworld idea. I made five final A2 sized screen prints of each set; both of which are directly related to the two races in the game: – the Kushan (grey) and Taiidan (yellow).
Three sets of these prints were sent off to Gearbox Software’s HQ in Texas, where they were split. One set Gearbox kept for themselves, the second set was then shortly sent up to Rob Cunningham and the rest of the original developers at Blackbird Interactive. The third set that I sent, was kindly signed by several key developers of the Homeworld franchise, including the two original artists; Rob Cunningham and Jon Aaron Kambeitz. It took a while for my set of posters to arrive back to my home, which is understandable seeing as both Gearbox and Blackbird Interactive were very busy at the time, as well as the fact that these posters have been halfway around the world and back!


My set of posters, before they were shipped off to Gearbox’s HQ back in June 2015


The ‘Kushan’ variant of the two, with signatures from the developers at the bottom.


The ‘Taiidan’ variant, again with the developers signatures. These posters were eventually returned to me by early December 2015.

Nevertheless I remain very grateful for the developers of both companies to take the effort to transport these posters and sign them, as well as their great enthusiasm to retrieve their own copies!

Anglepoise ‘Living Lamp’ Competition

Living Lamp was a professional brief set by British lighting maker Anglepoise® for final year BA Illustration students at the University of Portsmouth. Over 40 students were tasked with bringing an Anglepoise® lamp to life by exploring the narratives around their anthropomorphic qualities through a single concertina sketch book. Each concept was kept under wraps until the end of the campaign, when all the sketchbooks were presented simultaneously. 9 winners were selected by Anglepoise® Brand.

My theme for this project was based on espionage and blueprints with a ‘top secret’ feel.



Circadian Band Logo

Circadian are a budding rock band local to my hometowm who are rapidly gaining popularity throughout the Berkshire region. They have performed venues at South Hill Park arts centre and have had their music broadcasted on BBC radio with reviewers giving them very positive results. I contacted the band members to ask if they need a band logo designed or any promotional material being made. They agreed to allow me to design a new logo, which I based on their theme of circles, life and nature. The design itself was developed entirely in Photoshop originally from a black stag to the final outcome below which was well received by the band.

circadian logo LR