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This page is dedicated to the processes and development taken in my university work.

The theme for my project is based on aviation, where I have split it into two sections; “Mad Machines” that looks at fictional design possibilities as well as schematics of iconic aircraft. This unit mainly focuses on traditional drawing techniques and fine line graphics pens. The other section of my project is called “Eras of Aviation” that focuses on memorable moments in the century of flight. This section is heavily based on using screenprinting and other printing techniques.



IMG_0002 IMG_0001

Spitfire WWII style propaganda poster – Screenprinted



IMG_0003 IMG_0004


Roundel experimentation idea – Screenprinted



20150319_163634 20150323_190216

IMG_0001 (2) IMG

Final Roundel prints and development stages – Screenprinted



Print Design 4 alt 3

Concorde Tail print digital concept – Photoshop



20150323_170124 20150414_151629 20150414_151552 20150414_203901 20150414_203844 20150414_203828

Concorde Tail prints and development stages – Screenprinted