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This page is dedicated to the processes and development for work done during my time at the University of Portsmouth.

For my final year at university, I had the task of producing artwork upon a theme of my own choice. Initially my project was based on fantasy and sci-fi vehicle concepts and character design. However after a few weeks I changed it towards the theme based on the eras of aviation, in which focuses on memorable moments within the first century of flight – a theme that I am very interested in. The following images were initially produced within Photoshop from using photographs that I had taken as well as original drawings, and later manipulated to correlate with the specified poster designs. The final outcome images presented below were produced using the screenprint and letterpress printing techniques that I found great joy working with!


The Dawn of Flight

(Screenprint on A3 card)

A simplistic design that holds a bold contrast of the blue sky and yellow sand against the black silhouette of the Wright Flyer.


The Red Baron

(Letterpress print on A4 card / Letterpress & Screenprint on A3 Card)

This was a small tribute to Germany’s notorious ace pilot of World War 1.

The first image shows a simple lettering idea, combining both red and black inks and seeing how they reacted when pressed.

The second image went through the screenprint process first to make the tri-plane and then finished off with the letterpress process.


To Victory!

(Screenprint & Letterpress on A3 card)

A piece inspired by many propaganda posters from World War 2. The two spitfires were implemented from photographs I had taken from a not-so previous airshow I attended.

The roundel design was hand drawn and edited within Photoshop to appear rough and rugged. The entire design was then screenprinted onto card, with the lettering coming on last via letterpress.


Shield of Britain

(Screenprint on A4 card)

Similar to the design above, this was a simple piece using one colour.



(Screenprint on A3 card, unique set of 12)

These abstract pieces were inspired from roundels used by air forces from multiple nations. Using a vast assortment of bold colours ensured that not one combination remained the same, except for the central RAF roundel which remains consistent throughout all twelve prints.


IMG_0001 (2) IMG

Glamorous Glennis

(Screenprint on A3 card)

A tribute to Chuck Yeager’s pioneering first flight to break the sound barrier. This design was heavily influenced from 1950’s diagrams that were used during informative presentations as well as propaganda programmes on TV at the time.


Queen of the Skies

(Screenprint on A3 card)

A bold and simplistic design inspired from the title credits of “Catch me if you can” by Steven Spielberg. The Concorde was implemented from a photograph I originally took and heavily edited within Photoshop.


The Golden Era

(Digital design concept)

This was an initial design I had created for another set of twelve prints, loosely based on the Pop-Art style of Andy Warhol.

The photograph was originally taken from a previous trip to the Brooklands Museum and then edited within Photoshop.

Print Design 4 alt 3

The Golden Era

(Screenprint on A3 card, set of 12)

The final outcome of the design above.

20190421_131705 20190421_132032  20190421_13204020190421_132021


(Screenprint on A3 card, set of 12)

The final set of prints I made were inspired from the routes aircraft usually take whilst in the air.

The design I took for this was a combination of the previous two, bold Pop-Art colours with the simplistic 60’s style.