‘Fables of the Lost Realm’ Original Artwork

Here you will find the ever expanding gallery of concepts from a science fiction/fantasy story I am currently creating simply known as “Fables of the Lost Realm”.

What is Fables of the Lost Realm exactly?

Seven years ago I came up with a small idea. It was nothing more than a fleeting image in my mind that appeared one day at school; a man flying in a straight line through clouds with no visibility until he reappears over a new world that isn’t our own.

Ever since that day, I have continued to expand little by little to the story, increasing the lore, the complexity of the story and most of all, how everything, and everyone will appear.

This is where this gallery comes in. This page aims to show the steps I have taken, and still take to transfer my idea from my mind onto paper, and hopefully one day to become illustrations in an official book, or even a graphic novel.

Fables of the Lost Realm (or F.O.T.L.R.) in short, follows an RAF pilot called Alex, who is accidentally transported to a new world; Hetra during a training exercise, where he soon comes across a young woman named Thira who is on the brink of being cast out of her home town for being mischievous. Shortly Thira is commanded by the town’s authority to house and look after Alex, as punishment for her last scheme, which ended badly for her and her two friends. However there are far darker plans being carried out in the neighbouring Huminar Empire, whose Emperor has his sights fixed on Thira’s hometown and will stop at nothing to raze it to the ground in order to obtain a secret, but powerful artifact that lies somewhere within. Therefore it is up to Thira’s quick wit and thorough knowledge as well as Alex’s military and flying skills, and the Harrier he came into the world with, to fight back the Huminarian forces and put a stop to their Emperor before it’s too late.

Map colour LR

Early render of the continent FOTLR is set in.

Vehicle Art

The experimental “Revenant” class Aerial Dreadnought (Fine-line & Graphic markers, A4 size)

IMG_0001 (6)


Character Art 2019

Thira 2

Character Art 2015

Thira “Disney” style (trying different techniques and drawing styles)

Thira 'Disney' style

‘Thira’ – Coloured (final)




Group A – Final Line

FOTLR Main Character Group





Character Art 2014

These aren’t exactly 100% canon. I initially drew these as a part of my old university project when it was transitioning from my own book idea to generic aviation. Here I was inspired by the old World War II aircraft nose art and decided to give it a go myself. The first one I drew in September and the second one I redrew in December, after realising my mistakes with the first illustration’s anatomy.

Something Different LR Something Different advanced LR



Early A2 Pencil Drawings

Most of these were done around the 2010-2011 academic period.

Skimmer Racer

A Skimmer Racer, a high speed vehicle based on existing ground effect vehicles.

Sand Raiders Inbound