Personal Work

On this page you will find all of the work that I have done in my spare time, as well as fan art from popular franchises.


Undertale/Plants Vs. Zombies Crossover Fan art

This was a little piece I made a short while after I played Toby Fox’s Undertale. I loved the game as well as Flowey (right), and so I decided to take one of the more disturbing characters of the game and put him with the cheerful and rather innocent plants from Plants Vs Zombies. Naturally, if such a crossover did happen, I’d only imagine that it wouldn’t end well!






Homeworld Schematic Drawings

This project started out as nothing more than a small break from doing university work, yet keeping on my toes with the same art style to my academic project. The idea was simple; ‘what would the internals of each ship from the Homeworld franchise look like?’

Naturally I drew one of the fighters from the first Homeworld game in a Haynes Manual style, and posted it on the Homeworld fan community on Facebook, not thinking much more of it. However I noticed it gained a large amount of popularity, including a like from one of the games’ original creators; Rob Cunningham. From this I decided to contact Rob directly and ask for his assistance as being a potential client for my university unit: Professional Practice, and in return I’d continue and expand on the idea for the franchise. Rob liked the idea and agreed to help, however after contacting Gearbox Software who are the current holders of the Homeworld contract, he said that they will not associate the drawings with the franchise.

Nevertheless from this one small idea, I received a large amount of positive feedback from many Homeworld fans, commissions to do ship designs from modders as well as a strong contact in the video games industry, and none other than Rob Cunningham at that!

RC MS IMG_0001

Haynes LR Taiidan 2 Haynes LR Kushan




“Mitanni Forest”

This was a quick Homeworld inspired speed painting I did on Photoshop to explore lighting, colour and form. It shows an area in deep space that is full of gigantic derelict hulks.Mitanni Forest



This is one set out of 5×2 A3 sized screen print sets of the Homeworld technical drawings that I have done. These, just like the A2 sized cover prints I’m currently producing, will be in very limited numbers. One set I will own, whilst two of the sets have been sent off to Gearbox Software as well as Blackbird Interactive.20150519_191141 20150519_19120620150519_183126